Happy Anniversary to me!

It has been five glorious years since my divorce became final. And I haven't regretted the decision at all.

Many thanks to all my friends. It is amazing how something like a divorce shows you just who your friends TRULY are.
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Crack fic at its crackiest

Here is a book I absolutely MUST read: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith and Jane Austin.

Mr. Grahame-Smith has inserted zombies into the world of Elizabeth, Darcy, and Mr. Bingley. Lets hope they feast on Mr. Collins.

Here is an excerpt: "Mr. Darcy cut the two zombies with savage yet dignified movements. he then made quick work of beheading the slaughtered staff, upon which Mr. Bingley politely vomited into his hands."

I cannot wait to read this!!!!
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Panda Porn!!

OMG, how low will NBC go? My 15 year old and I are watching the Olympics and they just did one of their filler segments, this one on pandas. The lead stud in the panda world is Lu Lu, and they detailed his regimen to keep him at his sexual best. That includes panda porn! 

Now, I am very glad that pandas are mating because we need baby pandas, but do I need to know that panda porn really exists? Or that it apparently works? Thanks NBC, TMI.
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Medical update

Many thanks to all who sent love and hugs during my recent vist to the hospital.

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But I am home now with good drugs and lots of porn to read.  I do want to send out much love and thanks to tenorgroupie who took me to the hospital, got all the info from my doctor, called everyone, and then brought me home yesterday. I am truly blessed to have her in my life.

Hugs to my flist, and thanks again for all the support.
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I get to visit the magic castle tomorrow for a total hysterectomy. Yay, fun stuff. The good news is that there is no cancer, at least right now. But I have been bleeding like a stuck pig for 3 months. And even a D&C didn't help. I have poly cystic ovaries that are so far benign but will become malignant at some point. I have a uterus that is growing, and cervical cancer is in my family. So I am losing the whole shebang tomorrow. I will not be around until Sunday or so, but when I do get home I'll need porn!

I have not reading much in the way of fic so that I would have lots of great porn to keep me company. And I'll probably spam you as well.  You have been warned!


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